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    Petra T. Ruzickova


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    I am a visual artist, photographer and poet. I discovered my interest in photography at an early age. Besides working on my artwork, I specialize in photography book covers and book illustrations. I devote myself particularly to photographic palimpsests, mystical and healing photography. If you have an exciting project in mind, are interested in working together or just want to find out more, say hi.


    Inscribed on Cemetery Images

    Gallery Brehova | Prague | 2009

    Petra Ruzickova & Jana Stroblova, Vladimir Krivanek and Jan Suk

    (poems inspired by a cycle of thirteen photographs)


    Living Sphinxes/Creatures

    Jilove u Prahy Regional Museum | Jilove u Prahy | 2004


    Fragments, Torsos, Remnants

    (Homage to the Romantic Bohemian Landscape)

    Gallery Anderle | Prague | 2004


    Living Sphinxes / Creatures

    Manes Gallery | Prague | 2003



    June Bateman Gallery & Czech Consulate General and Czech Center | New York | 2003

    Book launch and solo exhibition


    On the Way to the One

    MIRO Gallery, St. Roch´s Church | Prague | 2001

    Petra Ruzickova / Photographs & Jan Suk / Essay


    Bear Illusion

    Letnany Exhibition Rooms | Prague | 1999


    Tschechien und Deutschland

    Volkshochschule Galerie | Stuttgart | 1998


    L'Aude à Petra

    La Maison Noubel | Carcassonne | 1991



    20 Years: KKA Artists in Residence

    VIENNAFAIR 2012 | Vienna | 2012


    Photography Exhibition of Arnost Lustig´s Portraits

    Palmovka Theater | Prague | 2011


    Naestved International Mini Print Exhibition

    Roennebaeksholm Arts & Culture Centre | Naestved | 2008


    Urban Space 07

    Clemente Soto Cultural Center | New York | 2008


    A Picture Chronicle of a Day in the Czech Republic

    Manes Gallery | Prague | 2008


    Urban Space 07

    FotoRio 2007 | Oi Futuro | Rio de Janeiro | 2007

    New Life Shop | Berlin | 2007

    FOTO ARTE Brasilia | Ecco Galeria | Galeria Vermelho | Sao Paulo | 2007

    The Festival of Documentary Photography FOTOPUB | Novo mesto | 2007


    One Year After

    KulturKontakt Austria | Ba-Ca Kunstforum Tresor | Vienna | 2006


    Biennale Internazionale dell´Arte Contemporanea

    Fortezza da Basso | Florence | 2005


    Werk präsentation / Artists in Residence

    KulturKontakt Austria | Wienstation | Vienna | 2005


    Cemetery, Cemetery

    Namest na Hane Castle | Namest na Hane | 2005


    Decisive Moments

    Women in Photography International | 2005

    online juried show


    Summer Show

    Photo District Gallery | New York | 2004


    Self-Portraits 5

    Mala galerie Ceske sporitelny | Kladno | 2004


    3rd Benefit Auction of Artistic Works for Akce Cihla

    Palace Zofin | Gallery Peron | Prague 2004


    Christmas sale and exhibition of graphic art, pictures, statues, photography

    Gallery Brehova | Prague | 2003


    Paris Photo

    Le Carrousel du Louvre (Leica Gallery) | Paris | 2003


    The Affordable Art Fair

    June Bateman Gallery | New York | 2003


    Large Images

    Lapidarium Gallery | Prague | 2003


    Photo L.A. 2003

    Santa Monica Civic Auditorium ( June Bateman Gallery) | Santa Monica | 2003


    Peace on Earth

    June Bateman Gallery | New York | 2002


    After the Flood

    Manes Gallery | Prague | 2002


    High Water

    Czech Center for Photography | Prague | 2002


    Photo San Francisco 2002

    Fort Mason Center (June Bateman Gallery) | San Francisco | 2002



    June Bateman Gallery | New York | 2002


    Applicants for the Grant of the Mayor of Prague 2001

    Gallery of Josef Sudek in the House of Photography | Prague | 2002


    Photo L.A. 2002

    Santa Monica Civic Auditorium ( June Bateman Gallery) | Santa Monica | 2002



    June Bateman Gallery | New York | 2002


    Sense of Place

    June Bateman Gallery | New York | 2001


    Photo 2000

    Monique Goldstrom Gallery | New York | 2000


    Czech Press Photo 2000

    The Old Town Hall | Prague | 2000


    Prague - Cultural Heritage

    University Library | Czech Photographer´s Association | Bologna | 2000


    Prague Zoo 2000

    Portheimka Gallery | Prague | 1999



    Prague Technical Museum and other venues | Czech Photographer´s Association | 1998


    The 4th Auction Parlor of Visual Artists

    Carolinum | Prague | 1998


    La fura del baus

    The Archa Theatre | Prague | 1997


    New Names

    Prague House of Photography | Prague | 1995


    International Invitational Photography Exhibition

    Benham Studio | Seattle | 1990



    Lorenzo il Magnifico Award in category New Media

    Biennale Internazionale dell´Arte Contemporanea | Florence | 2005


    Photography Magazine (Czech) Annual Awards Best Literary Book Illustration - photographs published in “Rats in Hadrian´s Villa“ by Jan Suk | Concordia Publishers | Prague | 2005


    Artists in Residence Programme 2005 | KulturKontakt Austria |Vienna


    The Best Calendar of the Year - Natura Arcana 2002

    Typografia magazine | Prague | 2002


    European Prize for Photography

    The European Union of Arts | Prague-Brussels | 2001


    Special Prize for Aether Calendar 2001

    Typografia magazine | Prague | 2001


    Czech Press Photo 2000

    Best Art Series - Crystal Belvedere | Prague | 2000


    Photography Magazine (Czech) Annual Awards Best Literary Book Illustration - Portraits of Arnost Lustig published in “Answers“ by Arnost Lustig | H & H Publishers | Prague | 2000





  • High Vibration Photography

    New Dimensions of Healing Soul & Body

    Secret Method / Long-Term Exploring

  • Healing Photography

    Transformative art

    with a positive impact on health

    Holistic healing

    More balanced condition

    Activation of all levels

    of consciousness

    Protection from negativity

    Healing of the heart, harmony, meditation

    Space clearing of home

    and office

  • Monographs & Photography Essay

    by Petra T. Ruzickova


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    Petra Ruzickova: Fortress / Stone Star Terezin, KANT Publishing, 2003

    Photography Monograph

    The photographic iconography of Terezin has so far been limited to its status as a onetime fortress town and, ultimately, a concentration camp. Petra Ruzickova's photographic cycle not only enriches the visual coverage of the town, but also introduces new formal techniques. The artist has created a thematically stratified cycle where the subjects of fortification, tribulation, and the melancholy of contemporary decline blend together. The Fortress cycle is a powerful visual transformation of feelings, impressions, observations, nostalgia, and reminiscences associated with the town. In rationally planned surfaces and autonomously (in relation to the medium and theme) applied colours, the powerful emotions bound up with this town, constantly in the throes of rack and ruin, are evoked much more intensively than the correspondence concept of photography is able to express. From this point of view, Petra Ruzickova's cycle represents the town in a way which lends discussions on Terezin another significant culture layer. Petra Ruzickova releases Terezin from the fatality of its plight through freedom of expression.

    Michal Janata (Essayist and Art Critic)

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    Petra Ruzickova & J.Stroblova, V.Krivanek, J.Suk: Psano na obrazy hrbitovu (Inscribed on Cemetery Images), Ales Prstek Publishing, 2010

    Photography Monograph

    This original publication is the fruit of a quartet comprising the artist Petra Ruzickova and three poets. In thirteen photographic images, the artist departs from the gloomy cemetery atmosphere and the classic funeral scene to create a simile and metaphor of the burial ground as one of the last islets of peace and beauty. Each image is accompanied by three poems loosely linked to the pictorial content.

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    Vladimir Krivanek: Vladimir Holan basnik (Vladimir Holan Poet), Ales Prstek Publishing, 2010


    The first major monograph on one of 20th-century Czech lyrical poetry’s biggest phenomena. Each chapter of the book opens with a photographic palimpsest by Petra Ruzickova, sketching in key themes and the scenery of poems and quotations from Holan’s work.

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